• Coaching that's Affordable and Effective

    Each Re-Boot program provides you with support and helps you focus for 30 days, at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching programs.

  • Online Access Gives You Flexibility

    No commute to "class." Use your phone, tablet, or computer to learn wherever you are, and whenever it fits into your schedule.

  • We Use a Multimedia Approach

    Varied content delivery methods so everybody's learning style is covered.

  • Live Weekly Consultations

    Each week there's a live group video session so that you can ask questions and get feedback.

Coaching Makes the Difference

Coaching provides you with the support and accountability to create real, lasting change.  My30DayReboot.com provides you with online personal development units, live group coaching calls, and a community of users to interact with.

Yes! I want a Membership.
  • Michelle Griffin
    With Sandra's help, I found my inner self again and let myself become unblocked.
    Michelle Griffin

You've Got Options

You can purchase 30 Day Reboots as individual personal development units, or you can purchase a site membership that gives you complete access for an entire year.

Should I get an individual unit or an annual membership?

It depends on what you're really trying to accomplish.  If you have just one focused area of personal development that you want to achieve, and we have a Reboot that addresses it, then it would be most cost effective to buy the one unit.  But if you're looking to create significant change across multiple areas of your life, to really take your life to the next level, there is no beating the annual membership.  You'll get much more content and access to the coaching staff with the annual membership.

How do the Reboot Units work?

You work through the content of the Reboots at your own pace. Each week we have a live group coaching call that you can participate via webcam or phone.  This is your chance to ask questions of the coaches and get help with any stumbling blocks you are facing.

  • Paul Ramsay
    We want to help you live your truth. We want your life to be exceptional. We're dedicated to helping your grow and evolve into your very best self.
    Paul Ramsay

This is the Time to Invest In YOU.

You simply won't get a better opportunity to have to professional coaches with over twenty years of experience help you with your journey of personal development.  Other programs cost thousands of dollars!  Spend a fraction of that now and reap the benefits for the next 365 days.

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